Sunday, September 10, 2006


Born Saturday, September 9, 2006, 11:21pm...three weeks early, but we've decided that we're just gonna have to get used to surprises!

6 pounds, 2 ounces...the doc said if he'd been any bigger, Carley probably would've needed a C-section, due to her narrow bone structure. Early is good!

Kina welcomes him home from the hospital. (It was SO good to be home!)

SLEEP IS GOOD. We get it whenever we can!!

Too Funny!

The day actually started at, of all places, a tailgate party. One of Carley's best friends invited us down to Starkville (a little more than an hour south of here) to tailgate with them and go to a Mississippi State Univerisity football game.

Susan and Carley enjoy the chilled-out morning festivities.

Around 11am, as we were getting ready to go into the game, Carley came back from the bathroom and announced, "I think we have to go to the hospital." Yep, her water had broken. We didn't mind missing the game, since the local MSU team ended up getting crushed by Auburn 34-0.

To top it off, Carley had to drive the car back up to Tupelo, since Rob had already had a couple bloody maries. Fortunately, she wasn't having contractions or any other signs of labor (eventually they had to artificially induce labor at the hospital), so it was an easy drive. And fortunately for Rob, Carley had given him explicit permission to partake, so no foul. ;-)

How'd We Come Up With The Name?

ROWAN: After looking through a book of thousands of baby names, this is the only name that was at or near the top of the list for both Carley and Rob. We think it has a strong, distinguished and memorable sound to it. Rowan is also a type of deciduous tree with a long tradition in European mythology and folklore. It was thought to be a magical tree that offered protection against malevolent beings.

ELLIOTT: Carley's maternal family name (her mom's maiden name). Also we really like this name, which sounds very distinguished.

LOVORN: Prounounced "LUH-vern", this is Carley's family name.

A Clean Bill of Health...Mostly

We are happy beyond words to have a normal, healthy baby. The only problem we've had is that he has a mild case of jaundice, a somewhat common affliction with newborns that makes their skin turn yellowish, due to a build-up in the bloodstream of a compound called bilirubin.

ALIEN BABY!!! As it turns out, to get rid of the jaundice, they sent us home with a "bili blanket", which is like an electric paddle with a greenish light that connects to a projector through a plastic hose and goes inside of the baby's clothes. Seriously, we HATE this thing. (Fortunately we only had to use it for 2 days.)

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