Monday, December 28, 2009


Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world!

We actually put up Christmas lights this year.

Our next-door neighbors' lights blew ours away. Our neighborhood had more lights than any other we saw anywhere this year, and they even had a judging. (The neighbors in the photo above won 3rd place.)

Santa's secret hiding spot

Mommy and Daddy got their biggest presents a few days early. Thanks Papa!

We had lots of Christmas parties to attend. Our favorite was the Autism Benefit that our friend Emily put on. It was good to hang out with our Tupelo crew!

Another favorite was the annual "How Come Christmas?" party, where every year we eat venison gumbo and hear Dr. Warriner's rendition of the obscure classic Christmas tale.

Rowan got his first stab at billiards.

"Can we go home now, MeMe?"

Christmas Eve turkey dinner at MeMe and Papa's house (with Emily and Lucas!)

Carley's special Christmas Eve nog.

We opened some presents on Christmas Eve so there would be room for Santa to leave all his presents.

Thanks Santa!

The best gift of all

The last ornament on the Advent Calendar

Bloody Mary Christmas morning, plus breakfast casserole

So many toys, and all day to play with them!

Rowan's friend Taylor came over for a late afternoon visit.

Bye bye Christmas! See you next year...

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