Monday, July 16, 2007


One of our favorite weekend activities these days is going on a picnic in the park with our good friends Todd and Emily - both journalists with our regional newspaper - and their baby Lucas, who is just a week older than Rowan. At the local Veteran's Park in Tupelo, Rob and Todd can get some exercise with 18 holes of disc golf, and then there is plenty of good food and wine to enjoy. Even Kina gets to have a good time!

Lucas - Rowan's first best friend.

Sometimes we join up with some other couples, including Michaela (left, pronounced Mi-KAY-la) and Scott Morris (also reporters at our regional newspaper), their kids Olivia and Evan, as well as Bonnie (center) and Josh. Here at beautiful Tishomingo State Park (45 minutes northwest of Tupelo, in the corner of Mississippi close to Alabama and Tennessee), there is also an excellent disc-golf course for the guys to go play on.

Lucas and Rowan share playtime with Evan and Olivia under the shade tent - a popular spot on a 95-degree afternoon.

Bonnie and Josh, Kina, Rowan and Lucas enjoy an afternoon swim in the beautiful creek at Tishomingo State Park.

As usual, the boys' favorite activity is "splash! splash! splash!".

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