Wednesday, June 14, 2006


A gorgeous profile. We're expecting calls from ad execs at Gerber any day now.

Another gorgeous profile

In case you haven't already heard the big news, WE'RE PREGNANT! Well, CARLEY is pregnant, and Rob is pregnant "in spirit". Needless to say, this is a pretty big deal for us.

With that in mind, our days in Guatemala are numbered. We're planning to stay here in Xela until the end of June, when Rob finishes his semester as an English Professor at the university here. Then we'll take a leisurely drive back up through Mexico. We should arrive in the US toward the end of July. We'll probably settle near Carley's family in northern Mississippi for about 6 months or so, until at least a few months after the baby's born and we have an idea what we're in for. After that, who knows?

We're expecting the newest member of the Winkler-Lovorn family the first week of October. Meanwhile, here is the first-ever photo of him/her, thanks to the wonders of ultrasound photography.

"Aren't I the most adorable 8-week old fetus you've ever seen? I definitely have the cutest arm buds in town. Ok, so my head's a little big but I'll grow into it!"

At 20 weeks...just to prove it's NEVER too soon to embarass your kids, here's an ultrasound pic of our son's adorable little fetus penis!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


One rainy June weekend at Lake Atitlán, we managed to get together with 3 of our friends from Northern California, all at the same time! The setting for this photo was one of our favorite spots in Guatemala, the Zen Lounge at the fantastic Buddha Bar & Restaurant. From left to right are Greg Shiffer, Helen Graham, Lexy Kirk, Carley, Rob, and "Harry" the Hookah.

The telling of the confluence of itineraries that brought this group of intrepid travelers together is too long for this space, but a brief summary:

-- Helen visited Guatemala for 5 months, mostly to learn Spanish & SCUBA diving and live cheap, and spent 1 month living with us in the Yoga House here in Xela. Her blog is here.

-- Greg has been traveling throughout Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Guatemala for the past year, spending a lot of time SCUBA diving and volunteering with sustainable living organizations. You can find his blog here.

-- Lexy came all the way from San Francisco just to visit us for a week-and-a-half. Despite being green around the edges with regard to travel in the developing world, Lexy is a real trooper and quite a party animal!

During Lexy's visit, we took her to a few of our favorite hangouts, including the beach at Monterrico, the nearby hot springs at Fuentes Georginas, and of course, San Pedro at Lake Atitlán.

Rob & Lexy on the sunrise "Mangrove Swamp Tour", still feeling the tequila from the previous night. (This photo was from before Lexy "fed last night's tequila to the fishes")

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