Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Kevin is one of the 2 yoga instructors at Yoga House, and a well-known character around Xela. He's lived here more than 2 years, and has lived in Guatemala for more than 5 years.

As you may have inferred from the name, the Yoga House has a very nice yoga studio, and several of the people living in the house are incredible yoga practitioners and instructors. It's really a communal living space (sort of a large house, but it looks more like a small office building from the outside) with 10 private bedrooms, a shared kitchen and several shared bathrooms.

Our housemates consist of a somewhat transient but always interesting cast of characters. During our stay, this cast has included people from the U.S., Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Australia. Almost everyone in the house seems to be a good cook, so there’s always someone sharing their curry, veggie burgers, truffles, and even home-made peanut butter (including chocolate-flavored!).

Dinner at Yoga House - Eddie (from New York), Patrick (from Germany), Christine (also from Germany) and Laila (from Spain).

A going away dinner at Yoga House for Christine. From left to right: Patrick (Germany), John (Dallas, Texas), Lota (Sweden), Laila (Barcelona, Spain), Christine (Germany), Leslie (Iowa), Rob, and Jon (Basque region of Spain).

Another plus is that one of the rooms in the house also serves as a small cinema, showing a variety of interesting independent and foreign films (a different one each night). The "cine" includes seating for about 20 (including some beanbag chairs in the front), and residents of the house have the privelege of free use of the theatre during off-hours!

Our private room is actually a suite with two rooms, a bathroom, and a window opening into a beautiful garden. Kina is in heaven. As soon as we open the door to our room, Kina runs straight upstairs for the kitchen (the main gathering area) in order to beg attention from everyone in the room, which she readily receives.

Late night entertainment in our room at Yoga House. We actually don't live in a room with a mud floor and a straw bed! (in case you were wondering)

The tiny garden outside our window at Yoga House

The view up from the garden

The typical Guatemalan shower has no hot water plumbing, so get used to shaving and washing dishes in cold water. However, many houses have some variation of the "electric shower head", which heats the water just before it comes out. (Note the blue electric wires to the left) We haven't been electrocuted...yet.

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