Sunday, August 09, 2009


Half an hour west of town is Sardis lake, a popular weekend recreation spot for Oxonians. (And yes, that is really what they call residents of Oxford!)

Sardis is a large man-made lake that was created by damming the Tallahatchie River during the Great Depression, as part of a flood control project.

We swam at a beach on the Lower Lake, which was created by dredging the river just below the large earthen Sardis Dam.

This was Rowan's first time in a lake, since swimming is prohibited in many of Mississippi's lakes. (water moccasins?)

It was so nice to have so much shallow water to explore, without all those big waves pummeling Rowan like at the beach in Florida.

Our friends Todd, Emily and Lucas came over from Tupelo to join us for the day.

Rowan and Lucas are best buddies, and as usual they were delighted to have so much time to play together.

"Look Mommy!" Yep, Lucas and family stayed with us in Oxford for a sleepover. Yay!

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