Monday, October 12, 2009


Monday, October 12, 2009

The 4-hour drive home from Nashville is just a little bit special when you take the Natchez Trace...nothing but 2 lanes and trees for hundreds and hundreds of miles. No traffic lights, no billboards, no houses, no stores...just the tranquility of nature. Some people don't like driving on the Trace due to the 50 MPH speed limit, but if you just set the cruise control and turn up the tunes, you've got the most stress-free driving you'll find anywhere.

Another nice thing about the Trace is the variety of low key roadside stops, from historical markers to short nature trails and waterfalls. They're all pretty well developed, with "trails" looking more like really steep sidewalks with rails.

On this trip we decided to stop for Jackson Falls, in the hills of south-central Tennessee.

Yeah, it's no Yosemite, but we don't even have waterfalls in Mississippi, so we'll take it!

Another road-side stop, this one in northeast Mississippi. We really only stopped here to use the bathroom.

At least he's not writing a ticket!

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October 11, 2009

Big thanks to Carley's dad for hooking us up with tickets in Nashville to see the Tennessee Titans play the Indianapolis Colts.

Not only that, but Carley's brother Barrett and his wife Molly flew up from Gainesville for the game! It was really great hanging out with them.

Tail-gating was in full swing as we approached the stadium.

This game is called "corn-hole". Seriously! Ya gotta love The South.

Since it was a Sunday night game, the NBC crew of Cris Collinsworth and Bob Costas was in town for a nationally-televised broadcast. Carley's dad got this photo, but we're still not quite sure of the whole story.

Unfortunately for the locals, there were no fireworks for the Titans, as they continued their losing streak against the Colts, losing 31-9 for an 0-5 record on the season. And this from a team that started off last year with a 13-0 record and nearly went to the Super Bowl!

Good thing for us that we're also Colts fans, and it was a treat watching Peyton Manning, one of the all-time great quarterbacks. (not shown in photo)

The next day morning we took a leisurely 4-hour drive home down the Natchez Trace.

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