Friday, October 31, 2008


Boo!! (Heh heh) Our pumpkin was probably not very popular with our neighbors. Here in ultra-conservative Mississippi, it is rare to see anybody openly supporting Barack Obama. Oh well!

This year we tried to get Rowan in the Halloween spirit by visiting a local "pumpkin patch" at the Tupelo Buffalo Park. We went on a "hay ride"...

...and explored a giant hay-bale maze.

After finding our way out of the maze, we wandered into the pumpkin "patch", which was just a field where they'd dumped a bunch of pumpkins.

All the pumpkins were too big for Rowan to carry!

His favorite part of the day was jumping around in the inflatable "bouncy room" (or whatever those things are called).

He also got a kick out of feeding the baby goats.

Rob had the distinct pleasure of visiting yet another "pumpkin patch", this time as a chaperone with one of the Kindergarten classes at the school where he works.

Unlike the Tupelo "pumpkin patch", this one had a real pumpkin patch, where you had to break the pumpkins off the vines. Even better, these were little kid-size pumpkins.

On Halloween night, Rowan was dressed as his favorite cartoon character, Curious George. However he absolutely refused to put the headpiece on, so this is the best picture we could get. He might be a little too young for this stuff, since he didn't seem to get the idea that he was supposed to be George. Nevertheless, he got to do some trick-or-treating for the first time ever!

Rob and Carley also made costumes this year. Plus, we had a little skit that went like this:

Main Street: Can I have some money?

Wall Street: Get your own money.

Main Street: But your $700 billion bailout hasn't trickled down to me yet.

Wall Street: You need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Main Street: But I don't have any bootstraps.


Happy Halloween!!

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