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Saturday, April 5, 2008

John Barrett Lovorn and Molly Millicent Seawright

We've been looking forward to Barrett and Molly's wedding for a long time. They got engaged more than a year ago, and they've been sweethearts since their freshman year at University of Mississippi...before Rob and Carley even met! (That was 4-1/2 years ago.) The ceremony was beautiful, with 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen arranged as a backdrop of camaraderie and love across the front of an overflowing chapel. (You can see us in the middle of the front pew in the blurry photo below.)

The ceremony and reception were held in Molly's hometown of Pontotoc, a medium-sized town about 20 minutes west of Tupelo. Pontotoc is a Chickasaw word for "land of hanging grapes". If grapes are grown in the area these days, they're not used for wine-making, since Pontotoc is a dry county. Nevertheless, you can be sure that beer and wine were available at the reception.

Rehearsal Dinner

And you can be sure that beer and wine (not to mention champagne) were served at the Friday night rehearsal dinner (which was also over-flowing) at Park Heights restaurant in Tupelo.

Carley's toast was sweet, and full of love and admiration for her younger brother.

Things really got going when Tupelo's most famous citizen stormed in for an intimate concert of his greatest hits, including Suspicious Minds, A Little Less Conversation and Can't Help Falling in Love. (Don't believe the rumors...Elvis lives!)

Rob and Elaine (Carley and Barrett's mom) are true believers.

Elvis even made an appearance at the after-party at the Ice House, a wildly-decorated private meeting and performance hall located in downtown Tupelo.

A local band played some old motown and R-and-B favorites that everyone could dance to.

Relatives came in from all parts of the country, including Lynne and Mike from Chicago. Lynne is the sister of Carley and Barrett's dad, John Lovorn.

Lynne and Annette (the other sister of Carley and Barrett's dad) who flew in all the way from Santa Barbara, CA.

All told, it sure was a momentous and memorable event!

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