Sunday, December 06, 2009


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tupelo has the biggest Christmas parade around, so we made the 45-minute drive to our old neighborhood and met up with Rowan's MeMe and his buddy Lucas.

We also met up with Henry, one of his new pals from the day-care in Oxford, and Henry's mom Elisabeth.

We had a great spot...

...and Rowan really got into it...for awhile.

Here they come!

There were big horses...

...and little horses,

and all kinds of floats sponsored by local businesses...

...including some tacky ones.

There were kids marching in pajamas...

...and kids riding in a tent.

Of course there were plenty of high school marching bands...

...including the Cougars of South Pontotoc, the rural school where Rob teaches about 35 minutes away.

There were solar-powered race-cars,

hoopers (Carley's favorite),

and even a cross-dresser!

Merry Christmas!

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