Thursday, September 13, 2007


September 9, 2007


Rowan and his best buddy Lucas celebrated their first birthday together. Lucas is just a couple weeks older than Rowan, born August 24. His mom and dad are Emily and Todd, a couple of our best friends here in Tupelo.

Some of Rowan's birthday party crew, including Emily and Lucas, as well as Mikaela and her kids Evan and Olivia.

"This is how we party!"

"We also party in the pool!"

"Daddy was partying too! I'm not quite ready to party like that, though."

"Thanks for a wonderful first birthday, Mommy!"

"The day after the party was my actual birthday, when I opened my gifts."

"I got some stylish new clothes from my GiGi in Pennsylvania."

"My favorite part was the packing paper, though."

"Yep, I'm cute and I know it."

And the presents just keep coming!


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