Sunday, August 19, 2007


One of our favorite activities these days is having good friends over to grill out and party with us on weekends. Sometimes our parties are simultaneously grown-up and kid parties, since we have several couple-friends with kids ranging from 1-4. At the above-pictured party, Scott, Josh, Todd & Rob shoot the breeze, Bonnie tends to food on the deck, Emily and Mikaela look after the kids, and Carley plays photographer.

We're fortunate to have scored a house with such a great back yard, including the fabulous deck that the previous owner did such a good job of building. Thanks again for all the great work, Chris!

In the hot summer heat, a dip in the pool is a great treat for the precious little ones. Lucas (of Todd & Emily) and Rowan share the baby pool, while 2-year-old Evan (of Scott & Mikaela) holds down the toddler pool and Olivia (also of Scott & Mikaela) ponders. In the background a stack of firewood and outdoor firepit await cooler weather.

Thanks to Rowan's MeMe and Papa, we have a really nice swing set for added kiddie entertainment.


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