Sunday, November 09, 2008


Lyric Theatre
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The night after the election, Rob rode over to nearby Oxford with a crew of friends for our favorite band, STS9. A fusion of electronica, jazz, and industrial rock, this all instrumental band originally from Georgia has been a constant theme in our lives ever since we met each other at one of their concerts 5 years ago. Unfortunately, Carley couldn't make it to this show because she had a stomach virus when she got back home from St. Louis. :-(

Like most STS9 shows these days, they played a lot of their newer material, as well as a handful of classics such as What Is Love, And Some Are Angels and Moonsocket. The trend lately has been a deep, dark, dirty style of improvisation, and tonight was no exception. Bring on the DIRTY NINE!

Moon Socket
...And Some Are Angels
Lo Swaga
Dem Be
The New Soma
Open E >
(ambient interlude)
Crystal Instrument
Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist

What Is Love?

The show took place at the brand new Lyric Theatre, which just opened a few months ago. A medium-sized venue with a nice balcony, The Lyric was a great place for an STS9 show, with excellent sound and plenty of room for people to get down to the nasty grooves. It seemed like at least 1000 people were in attendance, and the crowd was fired up and enthusiastic from the start. After the show, there was an exuberant buzz in the air as the crowd spilled into the street, and the police had a bit of a time clearing things out so that traffic could flow. What a wonderful Wednesday night!

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