Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tuesday, April 28

We were hoping to get some good photos from Rowan's first performance in a school musical program...but, we didn't.

With the dim lighting in the church and the location of our seats, this was the best photo we could get. (Or maybe we just need a new camera?)

Rowan goes to pre-school two days a week at First United Method Church, where Carley's parents are members.

All the kids at the pre-school performed in the musical, which had a Mother Goose theme. Rowan's class (the youngest) were supposedly dressed as spiders. Rowan was a total ham, of course, showing no signs of stage-fright and dancing around like a natural. Anybody who's spent some time around Rowan knows how much he likes to have an audience!

After Rowan's performance, he came and sat with us through the rest of the program.

Reading the hymnal book was more interesting than watching the other kids.

Clapping is always fun though!

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