Wednesday, May 18, 2005


A relaxing afternoon music festival near Antigua Posted by Hello

On the weekend of May 7-8, we drove with some friends over to Antigua for the first annual music festival “Jamtigua”. It was a relatively small event (compared to similar events in the U.S.) with only about 400-500 people in attendance, about half of them appearing to be tourists. A large and diverse selection of musical acts rotated constantly on and off the single stage, encompassing styles ranging from bluegrass, jazz, folk, rock and heavy metal. Many of the musicians were likely American and European tourists who were staying in Antigua to learn Spanish, though there were also quite a few local acts. The festival was actually held on a farm about 15km outside of the city, and the lush green setting at the base of a volcano made for a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

The Jamtigua crew - Carley, Kina, Aly, Tim and Mike (Rob is behind the camera)

Carley, Kina and Aly get down to some bluegrass at Jamtigua

Fun with Poi at Jamtigua

The Cat On The Keg is enjoying Jamtigua!

On to the capital, Guatemala City, the armpit of Central America