Tuesday, May 22, 2007


May 20, 2007

Rowan decked out and wondering what all of the fuss is about.

On Sunday, May 20, several dozen friends and family came to Carley's parents' house to see Rowan's original sin washed away! It was a beautiful ceremony and Rowan wore a christening gown made especially for this moment by his MeMe (Carley's mom).

Leading the ceremony was the super cool and all around awesome lady of the cloth, Rev. Raigan Miskelly of the First United Methodist Church of Tupelo.

Talk about deja vu...the location for the baptism was the exact same spot behind Carley's parents' house where we got married a year-and-a-half before! Carley's Mom (far right) has one of the best spots to view the ceremony.

Raigan finishes the baptism ceremony by anointing him with water specially delivered from the Jordan River in Israel. (Or maybe it was one of the disputed "Occupied Territories"? Who knows?)

The following Sunday, Rowan was presented to the congregation at First Methodist Church, although he didn't seem to enjoy that nearly as much as the baptism ceremony itself at his grandparents' house.

One of the best parts of Rowan's baptism was a visit by his godmother (and one of Carley's best friends) Peachy! She made the 12-hour drive from Austin, TX, the day before, and visited with us for several days. (much to our delight!)

Peachy and Rowan got to spend the day together on Monday while we worked and we think it's fair to say they were both smitten. By the end of the day, Rowan was showing off his bathtub splashing abilities to his Tia Peachy, looking up periodically to survey his watery mayhem and make sure his Tia was watching.

One of Rowan's favorite toys these days is tupperware!

Of course, just like everything else, he always wants to know how it tastes.

Just so that you don't get the impression that Rowan is always cheerful...