Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Austin is another one of those cities we really like visiting. It's a mid-size city with a large prestigious university, a vibrant music scene, lots of unique and affordable restaurants, and a decidely eclectic and progressive culture.

This photo was taken without permission from the Austin Wikipedia page.

Since we'd been here before, we knew just where to go to kill some time while our friend was still at work:

Barton Springs! Part of the huge Zilker Park just west of downtown, this area has all kinds of attractions, including canoeing on the nearby river. The most popular attraction is the large pool filled with spring water in the middle of Barton Creek.

Rowan got his second swim of the day. However, the water here was much cooler than the swimming pool in Houston, and he'd had enough after a few minutes.

Kina, on the other hand, loved her rare opportunity to swim after sticks thrown in the water. Thanks to the progressive Austin mindset, they've designated a dog area just downstream from the pool where people swim, and it's quite a popular spot as well.

The best part about Austin was visiting with our friend Cori, who does inspiring work with a non-profit that sets up environmental education camping trips for teenagers in Austin's public schools. We loved hearing stories from some of her camping trips! Not only that, she also makes hula hoops! Big thanks to Cori for giving up her bed and sleeping on the couch so we could stay at her house, and also thanks for the hoops!

After 3 nights of staying with friends in cities, it was on to the wide-open desert of West Texas.

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