Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hard to believe, but he's not a baby anymore...not even a toddler! Our little "pre-schooler" turned 2 years old on Tuesday, September 9. Since that's a schoolday for all of us, we celebrated on Saturday the 6th.

A bunch of friends came over to celebrate with him.

Cupcakes were a new experience for Rowan, since sweets with lots of sugar are few and far between.


Happy Birthday, Rowan!

Rowan got a sandbox for his birthday! This space next to our shed used to be a carport where the previous owner of our house kept his four-wheelers, but we finally got the idea to make a practical use of the space!

The swings and slide were also a big hit with Rowan's friends, as usual.

However, we might need to look into getting a bigger "pool"?

The kids didn't seem to mind.

Of course, Rowan's favorite part of the party was getting to hangout with his best buddy Lucas, who was also celebrating his birthday! Lucas is just 2 weeks older than Rowan.

Another one of Rowan's new friends is Ansley, who lives just up the street from us.

Ansley turned one year old earlier this summer, and her mom is Niki, one of Carley's good friends from high school.

With the festive occasion and great weather, it was really a great day for everyone who came!


Who da man?

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