Thursday, March 19, 2009


Saturday, March 14

It's always nice to get out of town for the day, especially if we can go someplace with stimulation and exercise for Rowan. We got all that and more at the Children's Museum of Memphis.

The museum is designed to be engaging and fun as well as educational for kids of all ages. There are really cool interactive displays of cars, jet planes, and even home construction, all of which were way over Rowan's head at this point.

Instead, Rowan would have spent hours catching plastic "fish" floating downstream, if we'd let him. Lucas (left) was also comletely enthralled by "the stream", and this was a good place for us to chat with Emily and Tood for a little while.

Lucas's favorite spot in the whole museum was the "Kiddie Disco".

Rowan, on the other hand, wore himself out going down the big tube-slide over and over again.

Rowan also liked getting to play dentist, since he's already so good at brushing his own teeth.

He especially loved playing fireman!

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