Monday, July 13, 2009


After almost a week at my Mom's house in East Bangor, it was time for Brandi, Rowan and me to get out for a little excitement.

Just about 10 miles over the state line into New Jersey is Land of Make Believe, a little amusement and water park designed especially for younger kids. Mom claims that both Brandi and I were here years ago when we were little kids, but neither of us remembers it.

Almost all the rides and slides are for kids 36 inches or taller, and Rowan is exactly 36 inches...just in time!

Rowan had never really been to an amusement park before, so all these rides were new to him. Needless to say, he was pretty stoked. New thrills around every corner!

For some rides he wanted Aunt Brandi to accompany him.

For other rides, it just had to be Daddy...even though Daddy could barely fit into this mini roller coaster!

Sometimes we had to wait in line for our turn...

...but it was always worth it!

There was also a little petting zoo with goats and sheep...

...and even a cow!

After an hour or so, it was time to change into our swimsuits for the main event:

The Pirate's Cove water park was dominated by this giant wading pool full of sights and slides, an aquatic paradise for toddlers.

Up on the pirate ship, there was just one place to go:

Back into the pool!

There were lots of other little water slides and fun stuff around the wading pool, including the Frog's Mouth (which Rowan went down several dozen times in a row!)...

...and the Turtle Fountain.

After thoroughly exploring the wading pool, we took a relaxing "river tube ride" around the park. We also checked out the "splash dungeon", which is chock-full of ways to get splashed, sprayed and soaked from every direction, including from the giant wooden bucket that you can see on top in the above photo.

Eventually it was time for the grand finale:

A couple of trips with Daddy down the big slides!

First we had to get our tube - a double-rider special with plenty of handles. Then it was time to wait in line on the stairs. And then...

Woohooooo!! (Notice that at least Rowan had his hands on the handles)

After a couple of trips down the slides, it was well into Rowan's usual nap time, so we changed back into dry clothes and headed back toward the exit.

Along the way we stopped at the "Dukes of Hazzard" ride for one more trip in the "General Lee".

And then another ride around the park on the choo-choo train, just to take it all in one more time. Rowan was fast asleep in the car seat less than 10 minutes later. Can you tell he had a good time?

For anyone with kids 3-10 years old, Land of Make Believe is a real good time, and at $20-23 per person, it's a pretty good value compared to most other amusement parks. Maybe in a few years we'll be ready for Disney World?

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