Saturday, January 12, 2008


Our first night at Rob's mom's house was Christmas Eve, when Santa rides around East Bangor on a firetruck and greets all the boys and girls. Unfortunately, Santa didn't get such a nice reception with us, with Rowan bawling his head off (apparently he's still scared to death of Santa) and our dog Kina barking her head off at him. Nevertheless, he was a good sport about it.

On Christmas Eve the tree was in full splendor with a surprising amount of presents stacked up underneath.

We adults opened our presents on Christmas Eve after Rowan went to bed... that Christmas morning would be all about Rowan and his presents. Not surprisingly, though, he still doesn't seem to really understand the idea of Christmas presents. We did get him to open a few of them, but then he would get so involved with whatever new toy he'd just opened that he wouldn't want anything to do with the next wrapped gift that we'd hand him.

For this photo he was thoroughly enthralled with one of the new bath toys he'd just gotten, and had a good time putting on a show for us by putting it in his mouth and wearing it on his face. (He can be quite a ham sometimes, and he knows it!)

The day culminated with a traditional turkey dinner that Rob's mom spent probably a day-and-a-half preparing (as is the family tradition). Yum!!

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Early Christmas in Tupelo

A week before we got to Pennsylvania, we celebrated an early Christmas with Carley's parents at their house in Tupelo...

...where Rowan got even more new toys! We all got lots of good things for Christmas this year, as it turned out.

Tupelo also has a Christmas parade, which we watched dowtown on a warm Saturday morning in early December.

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