Saturday, January 12, 2008


December 22, 2007 to January 5, 2008

Once again, we got a nice break from work and school to celebrate the holidays - 2 whole weeks off! We took advantage of the down-time to make a major roadtrip up north to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with Rob's family.

We stayed at Rob's mom's house, where we enjoyed the festive and cozy ambience as well as some great home-cooking.


I see you! Rowan loved getting to spend some quality time with his Gigi (Rob's mom) - the first time since November 2006, when he was only 2-1/2 months old.

He also really enjoyed catching up with his Aunt Brandi. (Rob's sister)

"Hey, this stuff is sticky!" We didn't get a lot of snow during our visit, but just enough to let Rowan try out the snowsuit he got for Christmas.

Yep, it was a lot like that scene from "A Christmas Story", when little Randy can't even lower his arms all the way inside his bulky snowsuit.

Despite having become quite adept at walking over the past couple of months, Rowan couldn't even take 2 steps in his snowsuit without falling over.

Not only that, but once he fell, he couldn't get back up.

"A little help here, please?"

"OK, I give up."

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